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Our take on partnerships is unique because we:

  1. Ensure value alignment because we genuinely care about people and doing the right thing

  2. Work diligently to provide exceptional, customized solutions aligned to your needs by taking the time to understand you, your team, your culture, and your business goals

  3. Believe strong relationships equal strong results


professional search, executive search, trades & labour recruitment, high volume project recruitment

At Hughes, we pride ourselves in partnering with our clients well beyond the traditional search and placement relationship. We take a very personalized, professional approach to each assignment, regardless of the service level you choose. We spend our time learning about your company, the vision for your future, your workplace culture, and goals, and we get to know you and understand your business and the industry in general.

We are proud to partner with a diverse client base across multiple industries and regions. We have built our success on recruiting high-performing trades, professionals, and executives who are exceptionally suited to our client’s unique vision, goals, and needs.

We are more than just your preferred professional search partner! In addition to providing recruitment services, our team brings expertise in:

  • Embedded Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

  • Talent Acquisition/Recruitment Strategy and Process Consulting

  • HRIS/ATS Implementation Services

  • Talent Management and Development Consulting



photography, recruitment marketing campaigns, design, web design, media spend

Recruitment marketing revolutionizes talent acquisition and retention by streamlining key processes in finding, engaging, hiring, and retaining top talent. Ultimately innovating how you:


  • Share your unique site employer value proposition (EVP)

  • Search and find top talent for your organization

  • Highlight your employee's experiences, history, relationships, and caring, culture with deep roots in the community and industry

  • Highlight the personal candidate experience, hiring and onboarding process that cannot be matched by your competition

  • Build and promote your unique employer brand to targeted audiences

  • Nurture and close potential candidates by connecting them to your career site before they even consider applying

Recruitment Marketing


fractional hr, hr consulting & advisory, compensation consulting

Overall, the Hughes HR Consulting service provides you with the flexibility and expertise you need in managing HR functions without the long-term commitment and costs associated with full-time HR staff. It can be an efficient and strategic way to address HR challenges and ensure compliance while optimizing the allocation of resources.

Hughes provides HR Services that support our clients in many areas of HR Consulting. Some of these areas include:

  • Human capital strategy

  • Compensation & benefits

  • Talent management

  • Learning & development

  • HR analytics 

  • Organizational processes

  • Employee handbook and policy review

HR Consulting

We Embrace a Caring Approach

We are proud to say that our clients often consider us an extension of their team because we:

  • Take the time to listen and discover our client’s needs

  • Thrive on being a part of our client’s success

  • Are people-centric in our approach

  • Are invested in candidate satisfaction

We Are Progressive and Professional

We are a team of diverse recruiters and HR professionals that have sat side by side with hiring managers and business owners helping to craft and execute people strategies. From entry-level to executive positions, our team gives the same level of effort and importance to every project.

We Achieve Results with Integrity

At Hughes our clients can feel confident that we hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics and professionalism. We cultivate trust at the core of our culture so that we can collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and ultimately, achieve the best results for our clients. Working with integrity is the foundation of our strong reputation.

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